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About Us

ABRIAN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD. is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers Seller and Marketing of human healthcare products. We envisage our company growing to become one of the leading global pharmaceutical manufacturers. To meet the market demand for various types of antibiotics in the region, ABRIAN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD. has been pursuing an aggressive growth strategy, which has seen the company setting up a state-of-the-art penicillin manufacturing facility.

Our Products

ABRIAN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD. products are being manufactured by top quality raw material and definitive quality packing material. We provide wide range of pharmaceutical brands. Our production methods are carried out under the strict GMP regualtions. We keep in mind about the products we manufacture maintains the balance between the nature and science and this makes us the best pharmaceutical company in India.

Vildabest M
Vildabest 50
Ribamet PG2
Ribamet G2
Ribamet PG1
Ribamet G1
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Up Coming
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    Our Philosophy

    The philosophy of ABRIAN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD.a series of conceptual systems characterized by balance and disorder, health and disease. Disease/health results from the interconnectedness between the self, personality, and everything that occurs in the mental, emotional, and spiritual being. To be healthy, harmony must exist between the purpose for healing, thoughts, feelings and physical action. In ABRIAN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD., perfect health is defined as “a balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing.” In fact, the twin concepts of balance and connectedness echo throughout Ayurvedic texts, thought, and practice.


    We are committed to providing effective healthcare solutions to our esteemed customer. We aim to empower our customers with knowledge so that they can manage their healthcare and avoid medication errors. Consumers’ safety is one of our top priorities, and we take additional measure to deliver safe and quality products.

    Our Team

    We select our staff on the basis of their respective qualification and experience. Moreover, the services provided by us are timely executed and flexible. Our commitment is to provide the right manpower and staff to the clients as per their client needs.

    Ankul kumar singh


    At Abrian Healthcare, we pride ourselves on helping every member of your family lead productive, healthy and high quality lives. We constantly strive to offer a unique range of products - from prescription pharmaceutical to over-the-counter treatments.

    Ritesh kumar


    Pharma arena can be seen as one of the most vital area affecting the health of a nation the strength define a country growth and can affect it both adversely and favourably. Through quality, diligence and hard work, Santiago Life Sciences is dedicated to provide the best in pharmaceutical care.


    Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients say about us. These are verifiable independent testimonials that make us proud of the work that we do

    It is a pleasure to work with all of you at Abrian Healthcare, This is our largest project together and you have outperformed yourselves again. We just got a word from the sponsor that they are extremely pleased with both the recruitment and the quality of your work. We appreciate you!


    We have found Abrian Healthcare extremely valuable and uniquely frank in the way you have advised us…..we feel that you are very much part of our team. We would like to thank you for your efforts.


    I would like to recognize Abrian healthcare team for its outstanding work and to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you for your help during the FDA inspection. You have displayed admirable characteristics which lead to a more trusting and effective partnership between Abrian healthcare and our company. As we work together effectively, we are showing great benefit to our studies and most importantly to our patients. I hope to continue a close and successful working relationship with you.